Community manifesto

Community manifesto

New site for ESVA, Email Security Virtual Appliance, built by Andy from Global-Domination (site currently offline): the best mail filter and protection appliance around, but it’s free to use ;)

“ESVA is a wonderful and easy to use mail filter appliance. Tested and trusted by real system administrators, not necessary by linux GURUs. It’s easy to set up, easy to manage and really effective. Spammers evolve, and so SPAM, as well our companies needs. Maybe we change internal email server, maybe we want “some more”, or maybe we’d like some integrations within our technical organizations.”

In this scenario, having a lively community is a must-have. Since we already have our job that requires us to focus on thousands other things, we think that’s important to capitalize knowledge, share thoughts and code. So that if we should (not that it will happen!) have some problems with ESVA, we know that the community is there to help and to keep an historical memory of problems and solutions.

In order to be single-member-indipendent we choosed open-source and open-standard software: WordPress and PHPbb. Everything on this site will be backupped daily and we’ll keep multiple backups of documents, mysql database and pages, shared by site admins/moderators. So that it would be simple to restart from scratch (in case of server crash, the time of a simple restore to a linux lamp) if something goes wrong or if a single member runs out of free time to seek the community.

ESVA is so effective and so beautiful: it’s our duty to spread the word !